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10 of the best lawnmowers to buy online in Spain

We all have a desire to possess a perfect lawn or garden. In such a scenario, you can’t emphasise the importance of the lawnmower enough. Without it, you can’t cut your grass and have to wait for the landlord or property agent to do that for you. Their use is no rocket science. Surely, even a newbie can operate it with ease. Like any other machine, the lawnmower needs the right amount of oil for proper maintenance and performance. If you plan to buy a lawnmower in India, you’ll need to consider a few things before you buy. Here we have a perfect buying guide to help you with your purchase.

What Is a Lawn Mower? – A Quick Intro

A lawnmower is a tool, equipment, or machine used to cut grass. It is driven either by an engine or by manually. A blade at the front of the machine cuts long grass to the desired height. To cut grass, a lawnmower uses a blade with several flat sides parallel to one another. Each side is called a tooth, and the space between each tooth is called the gap. The blade spins in an arc so that each tooth moves from one side of the gap to the other. As it moves from side to side, it cuts grass by moving it past the gaps in between its teeth.

Best Lawn Mower – Quick Comparison


Poweron Lawnmower

Gardena Lawnmower

Kisan Kraft Lawnmower

Sharpex Lawnmower

Best Value

Black+Decker Lawnmower

Sharpex Manual Lawnmower


Blade Size

16 inch


16 inch

12 inch

14 inch

16 inch

Power Source

Petrol operated

Corded Electric


Corded Electric

Corded Electric


Cutting Width

46 cm

32 cm

40 cm

30 cm

35.56 cm


Cutting Height

30-80 mm


30mm to 70mm

12mm to 50mm

20-60 mm

19-35 mm


105 x 45.7 x 8 Centimetres

120 x 56 x 36 Centimetres

62 x 47.5 x 33 Centimetres

135 x 36 x 97 Centimetres

63.7 x 35.6 x 34.5 Centimetres

115 x 57 x 83 Centimetres


35 kg

8.3 kg

19 kg

14 kg

9.33 kg

11 kg


Under Rs. 45000

Under Rs.20000

Under Rs.20000

Under Rs.15000

Under Rs.15000

Under Rs.10000

More Info

Now let’s look at the different types of lawnmowers that you can buy.

Walk-Behind Mower

These types of lawnmowers are widely popular. They are like a cutting machine that needs you to walk behind them. It is like walking and cutting grasses simultaneously.

Riding Mower

They have a seat for you to sit on. Then you drive it just like a car and cut grasses simultaneously. This results in comparatively less fatigue.

Robotic Lawn Mower

These are autonomous lawnmowers, or you can say they are like robots. They cut the grass without the presence of a human being all the time. They are very costly but save human efforts.

Rear-Engine Riding Mower

These are riding lawnmowers where the machine is placed under the driver’s seat, i.e. at the rear side.

Zero-Turn Riding Mower 

These are usually known as Ferrari in lawnmowers. They have efficient steering features. You can make a sharp turn or get very close to obstacles with such lawnmowers.

Push-Reel Mowers 

In such lawnmowers, the blades spin north to south i.e. they spin vertically. The blades present in it cut the grass using a scissoring action.

Electric Mowers 

 They are usually corded lawnmowers that need electricity to run. They have a limitation of movability due to their cord length.

Battery Mowers 

Usually, lithium-ion batteries are present in such types of lawnmowers. They are comparatively heavy and costly due to the presence of these batteries. They use this battery as a source for their operation.

Gas Mowers 

Those lawnmowers whose engine depends on petrol are known as gas mowers. They are comparatively faster and more powerful.

Top Lawn Mower Brands in India

Here we have some of the top brands offering lawnmowers in India:


This brand is famous for its high-quality products and 100 per cent after-sale service. The spare parts of the products from this brand are easily available. This makes their maintenance easy and makes them long-lasting. 


Makita is a global brand for producing power tools and their repairing. Their products have high functionality and ergonomic designs.


They are manufacturers and exporters of gardening, horticulture, forestry and agricultural tools and equipment. They aim to serve their customers, whether small farmers or professionals.


The products offered by this brand are designed to be used for every part of your home. They aim to give you more free time in your home for enjoyment. They do this by offering you quality products to ease your household tasks.


This brand offers products covering all your needs for your garden or farm. The products include brush cutters, lawnmowers, hedge shears, nozzle sprinklers, etc.

Top Lawn Mowers in India – Review

After considering all the important factors, here we have a list of top-rated lawnmowers available online in the Indian market:

Blade Size: 16 inch

Power Source: Petrol operated

Cutting Width: 46 cm

Cutting Height: 30-80 mm

Dimensions: 105 x 45.7 x 8 Centimetres

Weight: 35 kg

Budget: Under Rs.45000

With an engine power of 2.5 kW, this self-propelled lawnmower has a 4-stroke engine that uses petrol. The deck material is made up of steel, making it quite durable. The displacement with this lawnmower is around 139cc. There are eight levels of adjustments for cutting heights. This makes the cutting even and effortless. The rated speed of this lawnmower is 3000r/min. The noise level of this lawnmower is 96 dB which is more than the acceptable level. Thus, it would be better to use headphones or something to protect your ears. The fuel consumption is comparatively low, and it has got a good finished body. This makes it able to do a fantastic job.

Blade Size: Not available

Power Source: Corded Electric

Cutting Width: 32 cm

Cutting Height: Not available

Dimensions: 120 x 56 x 36 Centimetres

Weight: 8.3 kg

Budget: Under Rs.20000

This computerised cutting machine delivers amazing results with an engine rated 1.2W. With the optimum position of the grass catcher and improved air circulation, this lawnmower can give an efficient and clean cutting and collection of grasses. A bail alarm switch is provided on both the sides of ErgoTec handle. This will give you comfort while operating it. The handles are designed so that it supports the natural position of your hands. This makes this lawnmower easy to push. You can adjust the cutting height easily with the help of the QuickFit central height adjustment feature. It has 10 cutting height settings. You just have to press and turn it. For smaller lawn areas, this is a perfect lawnmower. The frame of this lawnmower is foldable, making it acquire less storage space and easy to transport.

Blade Size: 16 inch

Power Source:Electric

Cutting Width: 40 cm

Cutting Height: 30mm to 70mm

Dimensions: 62 x 47.5 x 33 Centimetres

Weight: 19 kg

Budget: Under Rs.20000

These lawnmowers are used to cut grasses in the garden and lawn manually. The grass box present in these lawnmowers has a capacity of 50L. This lawnmower has an induction motor of 1.4 kW. The material of this lawnmower is plastic which makes it quite lightweight. It can cut grasses from 30 mm to 70 mm. The number of possible adjustments of cutting height with these lawnmowers is 5. The cable length is around 1ft. Thus, you may need an extension cable to use it all over your garden or lawn. You don’t need to sharpen the blades before their first use. It doesn’t require much maintenance. 

Sharpex Lawnmower 

Blade Size: 12 inch

Power Source:Corded Electric

Cutting Width: 30 cm

Cutting Height: 12mm to 50mm

Dimensions: 135 x 36 x 97 Centimetres

Weight: 14 kg

Budget: Under Rs.15000

These high-quality lawnmowers come with a body made up of alloy steel. Thus, they are more durable than those made up of plastics. They have an induction motor of 1.2 kW that has copper winding instead of aluminium winding. This ensures its long usage. They come with an ISI mark, extension wire of 15m, and MCB switches to protect against overloading or thermal issues. It can collect 30L of grass after cutting. It is its grass box capacity. The blades are made up of heat-treated steel alloy that helps them to remain sharp for a longer time. You can adjust the cutting height up to 5 levels. It is suitable for cutting grasses on lawns of sizes up to 1000 sq. ft. These lawnmowers are a perfect combination of detachable grass collectors, durable wheels, and handles to make gardening easier. 

Makita Lawnmower 

Blade Size: Not available

Power Source:Corded Electric

Cutting Width: 39 cm

Cutting Height: 20mm to 55mm

Dimensions: 133 x 415 x 890 Centimetres

Weight: 11.6 kg

Budget: Under Rs.15000

With a D-shaped lever for cutting height adjustment, these lawnmowers can be used to give cutting 3 cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 55mm. They have an overhand grip making them easy to hold. The height of the handle can be adjusted to around 3 levels. In the case of cutting long grasses with low cutting height, the resistance of those grasses reduces due to the smoother front shaped deck of these lawnmowers. They are double insulated. They can cut grasses close to walls or around any obstacles. The capacity of the grass box that comes with these lawnmowers is around 30L. There is an indicator that will tell whether the grass box is full. With all these features, these lawnmowers come with a warranty of 6 months.

Black+Decker Lawnmower 

Blade Size: 14 inch

Power Source:Corded Electric

Cutting Width: 35.56 cm

Cutting Height: 20-60 mm

Dimensions: 63.7 x 35.6 x 34.5 Centimetres

Weight: 9.33 kg

Budget: Under Rs.15000

If the size of your garden or lawn is small or medium, which means up to 300 square meters, then this cordless lawnmower is just for you. With the help of a user-friendly and ergonomic design, it becomes easy to operate. A high rotational speed is generated with the help of its 1.2 kW motor. This gives a very powerful cutting even to thick grass with ease. The blade of these lawnmowers is 14 inches wide, and the grass collection capacity is around 35 L. The blades are engineered so you can get precise cuts even through tall or damp grasses without any extra effort. They have a comfortable bike-like handle and offer a good grip without any slip. This ensures the user will have minimum fatigue while cleaning their lawn using these powerful lawnmowers. 

Sharpex Manual Lawnmower 

Blade Size: 16 inch

Power Source: Manual

Cutting Width: 40cm

Cutting Height: 19-35 mm

Dimensions: 115 x 57 x 83 Centimetres

Weight: 11 kg

Budget: Under Rs.10000

These eco-friendly lawnmowers have detachable grass collection trays. The capacity of the box for the collection of grass is 27L. Their blades spin vertically and cut the grass using a scissoring action. They are suitable for small or big lawns and gardens, but ideal for lawns of size up to 400 sq ft. They are lightweight and don’t demand much maintenance. Manual mowers are quite easy to operate. They don’t need any oil or petrol or electricity for their operation. They are a perfect combination of well-built handles and durable wheels. It is easy to assemble. This makes the whole gardening experience more delightful. They are not suitable for Mexican or carpet lawns. You can adjust the cutting height in 5 different positions. They are made up of high-quality material that is also durable.

Vimal Lawnmower 

Blade Size: 16 inch

Power Source: Manual

Cutting Width: 40cm

Cutting Height: 15-42 mm

Dimensions: 58 x 33.6 x 31 Centimetres

Weight: 9.16 kg

Budget: Under Rs.10000

If you are looking for some easy to operate and lightweight lawnmowers, these lawnmowers are just for you. They can be used in any yard. For storage, you can park these lawnmowers or even hang them on the wall. Thus, there is no storage issue with these lawnmowers. They have a 2-in-1 feature that makes you collect while you cut the grasses. The blades in these lawnmowers are made up of high-quality heat-treated alloy steel. This makes them stay sharp for a longer time. With the help of a catcher, they do not leave any trimmed residue behind after cutting. They are equipped with a dual lever for adjusting the height. Thus, you can select a height that is suitable for you.

Blade Size: 12 inch

Power Source: Manual

Cutting Width: 38cm

Cutting Height: 12-30 mm

Dimensions: 52.95 x 8 x 5 Centimetres

Weight: 12 kg

Budget: Under Rs.10000

These lawnmowers are made up of high-quality virgin plastic. They have cylindrical suspension ball bearings. The cutting height can be adjusted in 12 mm, 21 mm, and 30 mm settings. The handles are made up of 2 parted powder coded pipes. Their durability is high due to wheels made up of high impact plastic. The wheels are present with rubber tyres. The cutting height can be adjusted according to your preference. They have a set of six 30 cm fixed blades that give around 40 cuts per minute. Thus, you will get finely chopped grasses in no time. You will save time and energy. Also, since no electricity is used, it becomes an eco-friendly lawnmower.

Wolf-Garten Lawnmower 

Blade Size: Not available

Power Source: Manual

Cutting Width: Not available

Cutting Height: 13-38 mm

Dimensions: 54 x 47 x 27 Centimetres

Weight: 7.72 kg

Budget: Under Rs.8000

If you are looking for basic lawnmowers without any extra features, then these lawnmowers are just for you. These are manual lawnmowers that don’t need electricity to work. With zero electricity space, these are lightweight also. This means that they are easy to store and transport. The main reason behind its lightweight is the absence of a grass collector box. You have to collect and remove grass manually. They will just cut the grass to three different heights that the user can adjust. The handles offer a soft grip, and there are 5 contacting blades in these lawnmowers. Ball bearings are present with the blade roller. These sturdy lawnmowers are easy to assemble, comparatively cheaper, and long-lasting.

How To Sharpen The Lawn Mower Blades?

A lawnmower’s blades can be sharpened using an angle grinder or blade sharpener or your hand or any such thing. Take all the necessary precautions (eye gear, gloves, and so on) before sharpening your blade. If you have any issues, you can take help from professionals. You can follow these simple steps to sharpen the blades of your lawnmower:

  • Remove the blades from the lawnmower and clean them properly.
  • Using a 10-inch file at around a 45-degree angle, sharpen the edge of your blade from the top side.
  • Instead of a back and forth saw, push the file unidirectionally.
  • You will then feel the teeth on the blade. If you do not feel it, it puts more pressure on the file.
  • Then you will even out the rough spots present, if any.
  • Usually, within 50 strokes of the file, most blades get sharpened.
  • After finishing one edge, repeat all these steps for the other edge.

How To Clean Your Lawn Mower?

Here we have the basic steps to clean your lawnmower:

  • Clean the Deck of Your Lawnmower
  • Clean the Engine of Your Lawnmower ( after removing the spark plugs)
  • Clean the Engine Spark Plugs
  • Clean a Fuel System of Your Lawnmower
  • Clean the Carburetor of Your Lawnmower
  • Clean the Air Filter of Your Lawnmower
  • Clean the Blades of Your Lawnmower

You can clean a manual lawnmower easily as it doesn’t have any complex parts. Please read the manual or instruction sheet provided when you buy a lawnmower. Else, there is always an option to seek help from professionals. 

How Long Can Your Mower Last?

A lawnmower can last for around 10 years. If you have taken proper care and have done its maintenance properly, it may last for more than 10 years.

Is An Electric Lawn Mower Better Or Gas?

Let’s compare these two types of lawnmowers:

Electric Lawnmower

Gas Lawnmower

  • Suitable for small lawns ( because they are corded)
  • Suitable for large lawns( because they are cordless)
  • Lighter in weight
  • Heavier in weight
  • Easiest to manoeuvre.
  • Not so easy to manoeuvre.
  • Less noisy
  • Noisier
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are not eco-friendly
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Less costly
  • Costlier
  • Operating cost is comparatively low
  • Operating cost is also comparatively high

Now you can easily decide which one is better for you.

Advantages Of Using Lawn Mowers

Here are the top advantages of using a lawnmower:

  • You can cut grasses as you desire at your desired time.
  • In the longer run, it will save money also.
  • Enhanced cutting quality
  • Saves your time and energy.
  • It can become a fun outdoor activity.
  • Some lawnmowers have a grass collection box attached to them that makes cutting and cleaning occur simultaneously.

How To Choose Lawn Mower Brands in India– Buying Guide

Now let us talk about the various important factors you should consider when buying a lawnmower.

Type Of The Lawn Mower

As we have seen above, different types of lawn mowers are used for different tasks. Depending on your requirement, you can select the one. For instance, if you have a large lawn, then an electric lawn mower will not be suitable as there will be issues in its movement due to its cords. In that case, a gas lawnmower is preferred.


The more powerful engine you have, the more fast will your lawnmower work, and thus, you will save time. But these high power engines take high input to work. The input can be electricity or gas, or any other thing. This will then increase the operating cost of your lawnmower. So, depending upon the rating of your machine and your requirement, you can select the right lawnmower.

Lawn Size

The size of the lawn matters a lot. If the size of your lawn is big, then an electric lawnmower will create trouble because of the limitation of your cord length…Also, you will need an engine with a higher power rating and larger grass box capacity for a bigger area.


If the tires are made up of good quality rubber, you can use your lawnmower on almost any surface. Else, your use will be limited to surfaces with even grasses and no stones. A good quality rubber will ensure the proper movement of your lawnmower.

Wheel Size

The bigger wheels will be preferred for bigger areas. They will make the cutting fast and also will be helpful in steering. It would not be good to use a lawnmower with bigger wheels in smaller areas. For such places, a lawnmower with smaller wheels will perform better.

Cutting Height Options

Usually, in lawnmowers, there is an option of cutting grasses at various heights. This will help cut the grasses in your desired way. In fact, you can cut it down to as low as around 20 mm and as high as around 50 mm.

Storage Space and Transportability

If you have a storage issue or plan to make your lawnmower transport regularly, you should select the one with the lightweight. It can be foldable also. Some lawnmowers are so light that you can even hang them on the wall.


A lawnmower is a machine with blades. So, it would be best to consider all the safe kinds of stuff available with them. Make sure to read all the safety instructions before buying it.

Grass Box Capacity

A grass box is a collection box where you collect the grasses after cutting them. It is present with almost all lawnmowers. Sometimes when its capacity is small, you need to empty it frequently. When this capacity is large, then the size of the lawnmower increases automatically. This bulkiness may create some hindrance in your work.

Noise Level 

Sounds below or at 70dB are considered to be safe. A lawnmower is a cutting machine that produces a high level of noise. If this level is beyond the acceptable range, it may hinder your health or the health of your loved ones. If there is no other option, then it would be better to use some headphones to prevent any harm to yourself due to their high noise level.

Warranty and After-Sale Service

You need to sharpen your lawnmower blades at regular intervals after usage. It would be better if you have such an after-sale service in such cases. Also, a product with a warranty and good after-sale customer support guarantees the machine’s proper functioning for a longer interval of time.


Whenever buying a product, first check your budget and then select the best one in that range. Also, if you can get a better product at a lower price, it would be a great deal for you.

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Lawn Mowers – Frequently Asked Questions 

Let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions about lawnmowers.

What should we do if the blades present in a lawnmower are no longer sharp?

 Either you can replace the blade or contact the professional if the blades present in a lawnmower are no longer sharp

Do lawnmowers dangerous?

 Obviously, if any device or machine is not used properly, it may become dangerous. The same thing goes for lawnmowers also.

Can we use a lawnmower on wet grass?

 It is advisable not to use a lawnmower on wet grass until it is written in its instruction manual.

How much time a battery-operated lawnmower takes to charge?

 Usually, in a battery-operated lawnmower, 6-volt batteries are used. Such batteries take 4-8 hours to charge. 

Are lawnmowers environmentally friendly?

 Only electric and manual lawnmowers are environmentally friendly. 

Can we adjust the cutting height of the grass in the lawnmower?

 In most cases, you will get options for the adjustments of cutting the height of the grass in the lawnmowers.

Can we use a lawnmower for cutting Korean grass?

 Yes. You can use a lawnmower for cutting Korean grass.

What happens to the grass that a lawnmower cuts?

 A collection box or grass box is usually attached to it in many lawnmowers. After the cutting process, the remaining waste grass is collected in these boxes. Thus, you will be doing both cutting and cleaning simultaneously.


A lawnmower is a great tool to make your lawn clean and look according to your desire. It saves both time and effort. Therefore in our opinion, if you have a small lawn, then a lawnmower from Black+Decker would be better in terms of its efficiency and operating cost. Also, it is the best selling product online with great ratings and reviews. It is just our opinion, and you can select that which suits your requirements. 

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